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Gryffinclaw Tower

One of the Six Communities of Hybrid Elite
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Gryffinclaw: Courageous & Clever.

Welcome to the Gryffinclaw Common Room! This is where members of Hybrid Elite sorted into the House of Gryffinclaw can talk and get to know each other.

You might belong in Gryffinclaw,
Where they are daring and wise,
Those chivalrous Gryffinclaws are brave
And have a ready mind

The typical Gryffinclaw will use his or her smart, observant nature in adventurous, maybe even dangerous, situations. We are enthusiastic and intelligent, and we are the kind of people you want as best friends: we're brave enough to stick up for you and smart enough to get you out of trouble.

Once you have been sorted, feel free to introduce yourself here! You can use this form (and you don't have to answer ALL the questions =D) or just write whatever you want!

About Your Head of House
Hey! I'm Maggie, chaotic_vanity. I'm a 17 year old girl from Ohio and I guess I always describe myself as a writer. You pick whatever you think that means, because your definition is probably included in mine ;) Please don't hesitate to contact me for any reason, whether you have a question, concern, or comment, or you just want to say hi :) I check my email about every two seconds, so that's probably your best shot (maggie.wentz@gmail.com). Once in a while I'll be on AIM (themoonasking or mrox3990) but my computer is... sad, and most of the time AIM doesn't work. You can also contact me on my journal. It's friends only, but I'll add you if you say where you're from :)

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